Leading figure in action sport photography, Tim McKenna has become recognised as one of the best outdoor photographers in the world, inspiring his generation by revealing the sheer beauty of the elements through images capturing the most spectacular sporting performances in extraordinary settings.

His work, has appeared in countless publications and advertising campaigns, product of twenty years of travel across the globe, often pioneering new destinations.

Born in Sydney in 1968, close to Australia’s famous surfing beaches,  Tim grew up on the Atlantic coast of S.W. France before returning to Australia in 1986 where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Queensland University. 

His University degree completed, he decided to focus on photography having in his spare time, developed his technique and submitted his first photos.  Surfing Life in Australia and Surf Session in France were the first to believe in his potential.

In 1990, the European sportswear company Oxbow took him on and triggered his interest in the other extreme 'fun' sports. Over a period of ten years, he produced more than 60 % of the famous glossy catalogues.

With the rise in popularity of surf and its related ‘riding sports’ (sports de glisse) Tim  soon became a top extreme sports and sportswear photographer and then found  himself pioneering new heli,-snowboard and ski destinations, France, Alaska, Caucasus,  Kamchatka, Uzbekistan, or arid desert for motocross.  Over the following years he was able to photograph top sportsmen worldwide in the most beautiful natural settings.

His first visit to French Polynesia in 1996 resulted in love at first sight.  The luxuriant beauty of the landscape, the richness of the culture combined with the charm of the people and perfect waves all year round made him finally decide to settle therewith his family. He is now based on the island of Tahiti.

His photographic library reflects his travels and passions over the past twenty years, covering extreme sports, tourism & travel,  fashion, nature, flora & fauna, landscapes, aerial & underwater.

Capturing  the grace and the power of nature is his main goal but it is the poetic note infused into his imagery that has made him a leading figure in sports and travel photography.  He is constantly searching for those elusive glimpses of perfection when nature reveals its force and beauty, reminding us of the rare, fragile state of our environment.